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Changing Your Display Name

Changing your Display Name on Zoom is easy... once you read this! The question is: Do you want to change it permanently, or just for this session?

New to Zoom? Here’s a Few Quick Tips

The buttons below point to Zoom Support articles with the information you need. Getting to know your way around the Zoom documentation is essential if you’re going to do a…

Basic Account Time Limit Change

On May 2, 2022 Zoom changed the limit for Basic users 1:1 meetings from 30 hours to 40 minutes. Here's a work-around you might not know about.

Helpful Tips for Zoom Users

More info coming here soon!

Business is Zooming!

Have you been Zooming a lot? July and August were very busy months for me.

Link to Video in WordPress

Easily link to YouTube and Facebook videos from WordPress!

Are Hybrid Events an Option?

In-person, virtual, or hybrid? That's not the question. Ask: What is my goal, and what are the alternatives?

Levels of Zoom

Novice. User. Presenter. Host. Facilitator. Event Producer. Master. Which one are you now?

Zoom Video Tutorials

Read all about our series of Zoom tutorial video modules, from Zoom Novice, to Zoom Host, and on to Zoom Facilitator.

Welcome to Meetings & Webinars

We’re just getting started with our new branding of Meetings and Webinars. Please be patient as we grow the website.