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Meetings and Webinars

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What We Do


We’ll help you plan your event, suggesting improvements to scheduling and content, and ways to save money while still putting on a wonderful show for your attendees. . We’ll help you with setup for registration using Zoom or Eventbrite, and communication with attendees, by sending reminder notes with the event links and post-event surveys so your next event can be even bigger and better! You’ll want to select a Moderator to be “the face of the organization” during the event, to introduce speakers, select Questions for the Q&A portion of your sessions, and help ensure everything runs on schedule; we’ll work closely with your Moderator both before and during the event.
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We’ll provide technical support and facilitation during your event, and for one or two “practice sessions” in advance of the event. We’ll provide you with links to YouTube videos and short PDF files with information for attendees, from “new to Zoom” folks (yes, there are people who will use Zoom for the first time attending your event!) to experts who need a little re-familiarization after the latest Zoom client/application update.
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We have training that focuses on three main areas:

Attendees to your event, from newbie to experienced

As we mentioned above, we’ll have YouTube and PDF training for Zoom newbies, so they’ll be comfortable signing up and attending your event. And if you are going to take advantage of any special Zoom features, like Breakout Rooms, Polls, or Yes/No opinion polls, we’ll have instructional material for attendees of any experience level.
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Your own support staff

Do what we do, for your own organization, by learning what we know. intended for larger client organizations, we can train your staff to run your future events with our successful approach to event planning and technical facilitation. We’ll still be here for you to assist you in the future, but with your own trained staff, you can put on a show any time you want!
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Facilitate events with us and for your own clients

Do what we do, by learning what we know — and work with us or on your own. We’ll train you and provide ongoing support services to you, and – if you pass our knowledge test and practical exercises – we’ll be happy to refer inquiries to you. We can’t handle all the requests that come in – we need you in our referral database! For a select few, we might invite you to assist us on larger events as a part of our facilitation team.
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