• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

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That’s what we do. Check them out here, or read on for the big picture view.

We’ll help you select an event moderator – someone who will be the face of your organization to all of your participants. Someone who can handle the non-technical things: welcoming the attendees, introducing guest speakers, selecting the best questions if there’s limited time available. We’ll take care off the technical stuff, and provide immediate assistance if something comes up.

We’ll help you decide between a Zoom Meeting vs a Zoom Webinar – or maybe a combination of the two. Will you need Breakout Rooms, Polls, or other special features? We’ll get those set up for you, and help manage them during the meeting. And now there are Zoom Summits for larger events that can be combinations of Webinars and Meetings.

We’ll schedule a practice session or two to walk your presenters through screen sharing, camera placements, and presentation pacing. Have a particularly nervous or non-technical presenter? We’ll work one-on-one to help build a comfort level. And we’ll be there ready to jump right in if anyone has problems.

Will you want some (or all) sessions recorded? Do you need the recordings edited? Where will they be uploaded? We can handle all of that, too.

Send us a note with a short description of your event – even if it’s just an idea. We’ll exchange a few emails, and meet via Zoom to discuss the possibilities. If we’re not a good fit for you, we’ll still be happy to give you some guidance and ideas.