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Levels of Zoom

ByZoom Master

May 7, 2021

It’s almost like a game. You get “experience points” along the way, and when you get enough of them, you’ll “level up”. But what are the Zoom levels? Here’s my guide.

Zoom Novice

You’ve heard of Zoom, and seen some videos of Zoom meetings and Zoom memes. You think you want to Zoom, but are not sure why. Why not!? Maybe you attended a Zoom meeting or two on your web browser. You’ve explored a couple of the fancy buttons on Zoom, but really don’t know what they’re all there for. Why is it so complicated? You need enlightenment.

Zoom User

You’ve managed to figure out why most of the buttons and options exist, but you can never find the right one when you need it! “Hey, can someone tell me where the *&%@ Mute button is?” Eventually you can find it, and most of the others. But mostly you just sit back and watch the screen, and laugh at everyone else.

Zoom Presenter

You’ve attended a many Zoom meetings, and a Zoom Host even invited you to make a presentation online. You can screen share!! Well, most of the time, without too much trouble. But you do know where the Mute and Stop Video buttons are, and you’ve sent a chat or two — usually to the right people.

Zoom Host

You can schedule meetings, send invitations, invite people, think through the meeting’s agenda or topics being discussed, mute that person with the barking dog, and when the spouse of one of your attendees walks into the room not-quite-naked and didn’t know there was a Zoom call going on, you can stop their video. You are able to walk most people through the Screen Share process, as long as they’re using the same operating system as you have.

Zoom Facilitator

You, my friend, are special. You have “Zoom talent”, and use that talent to help others in hosting their meetings — perhaps even hosting the meeting for them, so they can sit back and actually enjoy the event. You make sure all the options are set correctly, everyone is muted that’s not currently speaking, and you Spotlight the main speaker so anyone who has Speaker View set actually sees who’s supposed to be speaking, and not that obnoxious person who refuses to stay mutes but who has not one, not two, but three barking dogs and a bird.

Zoom Event Producer

You have talents beyond Zoom that make your Zoom talents all the more valuable. You plan and manage events for others, preparing welcoming registration experiences, sending out helpful pre-event notices, helping many Zoom Presenters with their screen share fumbles. You provide feedback to your event hosts and presenters in a calm and friendly tone. You download and edit video, upload to YouTube. Attendees call you afterward, asking if you’ll facilitate their organization’s event.

Zoom Master

Sorry, that’s a title I reserve for myself. Keep studying, Grasshopper.

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