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You probably have content: PowerPoint slides, videos, handouts.

Your event Producers probably want an ADVANCE copy to review. Your event Technical Director (that’s me) wants a FINAL copy so if there are any glitches, I can display your content for you, and let you focus on speaking to the people glued to their screens.

There are several ways to get the information to us. Hopefully you are comfortable with one or more of these, and can provide your content to us without worry. But if you have issues, let us know… we’ll find a way.

You should receive some event-specific information from your event coordinator — the person who is collecting all of the files. it should be a URL for a DropBox folder, specific to your event. There’s a link below… but it’s fake. Fake link alert! Use the real link from your event coordinator. If you’re not sure, please ask.

Step #1: Select and/or Collect Your Files

I find it helpful — especially if you are going to have multiple handouts or participate in multiple sessions — to have a single folder somewhere on your computer where all your files for this event will be. That way on the day of the event, you know where they all are… they’re right there!

If you are uploading a recorded Zoom session as your presentation video (if your event producer allows this), look at the video recording user guide for how to find the recording files. And it’s always a good idea to watch your video all the way through just to make sure there are no surprises at presentation time!

Step #2: Rename Your Files!

Note: Please check with your event staff to see if they really want you to do this step. Either way, you should make sure your file name briefly reflects the event name and your topic.

We need to be able to identify which file belongs to which presenter and which session. So please rename your files to include the name of your event, your name, and the content type, and any other identifying information, with hyphens in between each item.

Format: Event Name + Your Name + Content Type + Other Identifying Information + . File Extension

Example: You’re Marta Jones, presenting at the Desert Turtle HOA Annual Meeting for 2021, and you have a PDF handout that explains how to cast your ballot in-person at the meeting. You would likely name your file like this, so we know exactly what the file is for:


Step #3: Drop It In a DropBox Folder

Someone from your event will provide you the “File Request URL” for the DropBox folder where files are to be dropped. If you have that URL (web address), you can “simply place a copy there.” Well, “simply” if you’re familiar with DropBox. But if not, here’s more detailed instructions.

  1. You will receive a link to the DropBox folder that looks something like this (this link will not work; use the link provided by your event staff):

    https://www.dropbox.com/request/YUg44MbjCrB3grtd59Qi (Don’t use this link! It’s just an example!)
  2. Go to that DropBox link in your web browser. You should see something like this on the web page:

    Leave that web page where it is, and also make sure the folder with your files is also visible on your computer screen.
  3. Copying your files to the DropBox “drop zone” is done by dragging the files from your folder over the the “Add Files or drag stuff here” area shown above. Once you grab the file (or files… you can drag them all at one time, or individually), move them toward the DropBox web page, the mouse icon should say “+Copy” to let you know that you’re not going to lose your original — you’re just making a copy into DropBox. It should look something like this:

  4. Once you have “dragged and dropped” your files, close the DropBox web page.
  5. It is helpful to send an email to your event staff letting them know you have put a copy of your content in DropBox. Please include the names of your files!

If You Have Problems…

Don’t let this process frustrate you. Contact your event staff for assistance, and they will either help you directly, or put you in touch with GoodClix to work with you. If we can easily get you going down the path using DropBox, we will. But there are other ways we’ll mention here.

Please only use these alternative approaches after consulting with your event staff.

Alternative #1: Google Drive, OneDrive (Microsoft), or Others

You might already have your file on some other “cloud storage system”. If so, you can send a “share link” from your software to the event coordinator. Please also send an email with the names of all the files we should expect to receive.

Each cloud storage system does it a little differently, so if you don’t already know how to share a file with someone else, consult the help tutorials available from your cloud provider. If that doesn’t work and you have a technical guru somewhere that can help, great! Worst case, contact your event coordinator for help.

Alternative #2: A One-On-One “Help Desk Session” with GoodClix

If you are really having issues, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about! Ask for a 15-minute one-on-one “Help Desk Session” GoodClix. We’ll have you visit https://goodclix.screenconnect.com/ and give you a one-time code to allow us to remotely watch and/or assist you on your computer. Once your file is transferred, the remote assistance software is removed, and we can’t access your computer again without your explicit permission.

Security Note: Do not ever allow someone to access your computer remotely if you don’t know and don’t trust them. In general, GoodClix will always start with a small Zoom meeting with you, so you know who we are, and we’ll explain the process.

Non-Alternative #3: Please DO NOT Email a Large File

Ask for help. Please. If you’re pretty sure your file size is less than 3MB, ask first if it’s okay to email it. Don’t send anything larger through email. Sorry… it clogs up the Internet’s arteries.