• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

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If you already have a Zoom account — yay! You’re done!

If you don’t have an account, you should get one… even if it’s just the “free account”. Here’s why:

  • Some events only allow “authenticated users” — and a user has to be logged into Zoom to authenticated.
  • Even if you get the free account, you can schedule your own Zoom meetings with family and friends. The main restriction is that if there are more than two of you, the length of the meeting is limited to 40 minutes. Plenty of time to catch up on the latest news!
  • If you’re logged in with the Zoom app installed (Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android), you can schedule and attend meetings right from within the app, and also update the app and make settings changes to audio, video, and more, without waiting for the meeting to start.

How to Sign Up

It’s easy: go to https://zoom.us/signup! Verify your age, put in your email address, and click the account activation link in the email you’ll receive. Then enter a password, and that’s all you have to do!