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Alphabetical list of some terms — with my definitions of how they are (or should be) used.


There seems to be a lot of confusion over the word “account” in Zoom: when does it mean User Account, and when does it mean Organizational Account? See these entries for more info.

Licensed Account

Often referred to as a licensed user. A paid User Account on Zoom. A Basic User Account is not licensed (though there are even some places in Zoom document that says they are). All paid Zoom User Accounts are Licensed: Pro, Business, Enterprise. Licensed Accounts have some privileges that Basic Accounts do not.

Organizational Account

A collection of User Accounts, with one Owner (with ultimate authority over everything attached to the account) and one or more Admins (who have almost complete authority on the account).

User Account

Sometimes referred to as a user login. An account intended for use by only one person, even though people do clever things to save a buck and “share” a paid account. I think of a User Account as a part of a larger Organizational Account, though I believe most Zoom User Accounts are the only person on the Organizational Account; that is, the User is the Owner and only Admin.